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A Plus Testing is famous for its rapid response. We specialize in professional testing and inspection throughout the Lower Mainland, BC. Our aim is to determine quality. Our team of qualified technicians and engineers can also assist with engineering and supervising subcontractors to help you complete your projects.

Competitive Pricing

Competitive Pricing

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Solid Solutions

Solid Solutions

What our clients say about us

Adera Development

Adera Development

Dean Boser, Superintendent

"...Arash and his crew, not only made every time frame we requested, they excelled at making the last-minute tests work. A true testament on how he wants to do the best for his customers. A Plus Testing in one-word Professional top to bottom."

New Westminster Fire Department

New Westminster Fire Department

Bruce Zelter, Assistant Deputy Chief

"...They knew exactly what our needs were, set a meeting time at our convenience and from there it was a done deal. The task was completed within a week, with no interference with our day to day operations. I would recommend Arash and his team to anyone needing anchor inspections within their buildings."

HDR Inc.

HDR Inc.

Simon Brubaker, Resident Engineer

"When the precast units arrived on site, we inspected each one and we did not find any surprises. That is the most important item, their reporting matches the end product."

Our services

Non-Destructive Testing

Certain construction problems can result in defects or anomalies. Non-destructive testing (NDT) is a testing and analysis technique used in construction industry to evaluate the properties of a material, component and structure without causing damage to the original element. Our NDT services include but not limited to measuring in situ compressive strength of concrete, review the uniformity of concrete, detect potential hidden voids etc.

Destructive Testing

During the destructive testing (DT) process, the tested item undergoes stress that eventually deforms or destroys the material. Our DT services include but not limited to chloride content testing, measuring the carbonation depth, bond testing, coring etc.

Load Testing

From guardrails, handrails, or safety anchors to slabs and balconies. We have the expertise to conduct complicated load testing on any structural elements.

Construction Process Inspection

We can help ensure that all materials and procedures comply with your project plan and specifications. We can also supervise your subcontractor to ensure all the specified procedures are followed.

PT Cable Inspection

Doing regular repair and renewals work and having a good preventive maintenance program needs to be a priority for all strata corporations, big or small. We help property owners and managers monitor changes in their building’s structure. Finding loose or broken wires, strand section loss measurement and providing engineering reports are among the services we can provide.

Concrete Structure Assessment

performing a concrete structural assessment includes conducting a condition survey with a scope that is consistent with the perceived condition of the structure and the owner’s repair objectives, determining the cause of the deterioration and the repair objectives, including desired service life. In addition we can propose an economical repair strategy. We employ in situ compressive strength measurement, depth of carbonation, chloride content testing, air void analysis and identifying types of concrete deficiencies. Techniques include using a Schmidt rebound test hammer, chain dragging, hammer sounding, Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity (UPV) test and Impact Echo testing.

Steel Structure Assessment

We offer engineering condition assessment of steel structures. The assessment procedure aimed to ensure safe and sound operation of the existing structure, to determine its remaining service life as well as to propose the appropriate remedial actions for the existing structure. Our engineering assessment is performed through visual observation, Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) and field load testing.

Wood Structure Assessment

It is rare to find an old timber structure that does not exhibit some degree of deterioration that may affect the capacity of the structure. Timber deterioration may be caused by fungal decay, insect infestations, structural overload, or mechanical damage. The condition assessment of a timber structure begins with a visual examination to evaluate the extent of deterioration and to identify signs of structural distress. To properly locate the damaged areas in the structure, an understanding of the places where rot is likely to occur is essential. We can offer Resistograph testing services as a non-destructive testing method to detect the wood deterioration.

Monitoring anchor/rebar installation

The capacity of an installed anchor or rebar highly depends on the installation process and workmanship. Our certified inspectors can provide monitoring services on proper installation of anchors/rebar using epoxy adhesives.

Precast concrete QA and QC

With our extensive experience in quality management in largest precast manufacturers in British Columbia, we are able to establish and lead practical QC/QA programs. Our trained technicians and engineers are experienced with all production stages such as formwork installation, rebar installation, prestressing, concrete placement, curing, trouble shooting, and reporting.

Roof anchor annual inspection

Whether you have new equipment to be tested and commissioned, or window washing equipment requiring its annual recertification, our inspection and testing personnel can provide your organization with practical inspection and testing solutions and engineering reports to meet all your needs.


A Plus Testing and Inspection performs all its work according to current CSA and ASTM standards and through CCIL certified laboratories.

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